Oxygen Booster
Direction of Use

  NOOD CLEAN Oxygen Booster is all natural and free from solvents, fragrances and binding agents. 
Safe for the WHOLE FAMILIES’ laundry (yes, even the furry ones) and also for our environment!
No bleach, ammonia or dyes!

Directions for Use:
To brighten your clothes, or, for everyday stains
- ​Add 4 Tablespoons to hot water with your laundry and allow to soak for 30 minutes to an hour in machine. Then wash as normal
●         As a laundry soap (detergent) booster - ​Add 1 Tablespoon along with your choice of NOOD CLEAN laundry soap and wash as usual (**note: not all machines have a dispenser cup compatible with powder, please follow your machines instruction on using a powder**)
●    As a paste - ​Create paste, apply to stain, allow to dry. Then, rinse away.

For tough and ground in stains
 ​(we advise a pre-treatment first) Place laundry in a tub or bucket with the hottest water possible along with 2 Tablespoons of Oxygen Booster per gallon of water. Make sure to agitate the laundry to be sure the booster is dispersed throughout. For best results, allow laundry to soak for 8 hours to overnight. Drain. Then, wash laundry as normal. Be sure to check clothes before placing into a dryer, as heat may set the stain. The soaking process may need to be repeated for especially tough stains before placing the laundry into the dryer. 

Cautions (for the safety of your laundry, and you!):
1.Use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or on fabrics labeled dry clean only is not recommended by NOOD CLEAN.
2.Always test on small area of any surface or material before use.
3.Do not mix with chlorine, ammonia products or any other chemicals. ➔ Keep away from eyes and face when mixing. 
4.Keep sealed and dry until use. 
5.Once mixed, solution should not be left in an airtight container. 
6.Dispose of unused solution.
7.While this product is safe, there is an inhalation and ingestion hazard with any powdered product.
8.The product also contains sodium percarbonate, which may irritate eyes and skin. Thus, use caution and keep out of reach of children.